Kolkata, India

23 September 2020, 6-8pm IST

The Future of Creative Education:  Join the open conversations around future education for a creative generation of leaders around and beyond design education. 

Til a few months back, India seemed to have mapped the design education goals for our imaginable future. Bolstered by the ambitious scope of the National Design Policy (2007) with it’s stated objective of “Making India a major hub for exports and outsourcing of designs and creative process for achieving a design-enabled innovative economy.” However, after being led by the modernist led approach to design education (developed since the ‘70s), design education in India was coming to terms with contemporaneity and an SDG led idea of future mapping (SDG: Sustainable Development Goals – by United Nations). This growth and its acceleration was made possible by a steep rise in students wanting to study design along with their capacities and willingness to pay for expensive privatised higher education.

This structure and its scaffolding has been under attack as COVID 19 began creeping in and eating into our civilizational fiber, killing thousands and attacking some of the most important institutional and structural pillars. Universities and colleges need to be reimagined and remodeled to be able to adapt and grow through these times.

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