The Tempocode suite offers a series of tools to think and train for envisioning the “next”: it allows to shape strategies and scenarios. These tools have been crafted for concept development, entrepreneurial exploration, start-up mentoring, innovation roadmaps. The Tempocode tools are adapted for specific executive strategic sessions and tailored to express preferred intents and envision possible impacts in complex contexts.

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The Tempocode suite offers the Strategic Design Radar and the Narrative Design Radar. These help to structure observations, opportunities and operations. These allow then to fill the gaps, to feed the gaps, in resonance with some other tools, models, canvas, visualisation maps and graphs in order to express the appropriate questions and shape an optimal set of propositions. The Tempocode suite of tools are developed at Architempo. The training modules work on contextual thinking, creative thinking and design thinking, in resonance with strategic thinking, critical thinking and entrepreneurial thinking.