IxD21 Montreal, Canada

Figuring roadmaps for uncertain times: conversations between Practitioners, Researchers and Educators

The P-R-E series, powered by Cumulus and IxDA, encourages Professionals, Researchers, and Educators to rethink and reshape the connections between different approaches and activities.

Main workshop page is at https://www.edusummit.ixda.org/workshop

Part 1 (11:00-12:30 Montreal time zone) will focus on “remote”. We’ll map and scope 2021 questions for educating new cohorts. 2020 has been rough and we’ve been pushed into revisiting a number of education and work assumptions. We’ll use lightning interventions to trigger conversations and move into interactive mode to explore questions with “design in perilous times” as the guiding approach for:

How does it impact shaping syllabi ?
How can practitioners’ input help in reshaping curricula ?
Join this conversation as a continuation of the Lyon-Paris-Bogota P-R-E journey.

Lightning talks will be given by

  • Jerome Axle Brown, User Researcher Lead, Salesforce – Linkedin
  • Regitze Marianne Hess, Associate Professor / External Lecturer, DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia; Architect – Engineer – Linkedin
  • Anubha Kakroo, Professor and Director, School of Design, Anant National University; Architect – Industrial Designer – Design Strategist – Linkedin


Part 2 (14:00-15:30 Montreal time zone) will focus on “diversity” in education and practice and how this impacts society’s future.

We’ll explore these questions:

How has lack of access to design education by underrepresented populations limited the way the world is designed?
Why is diversifying design education so important to the future of society?
How are the faces of design reflected in the way the world is designed?
How might we identify and break down the barriers to design education?
These conversations will engage in and help inform the work of the Diversify by Design (DxD) coalition.

Lightning talks will be given by


These sessions are co-moderated by

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The Interaction Design Education Summit is part of Interaction21 and organized by UQAM and IxDA.