Cape Town, South Africa

22 September 2020, 3:30 – 5pm

The Cape Town PRE discussion will explore the 2017 Design Declaration through the lens of Culture and Sustainability. The discussion is aimed to initiate a  dialogue between practitioners, academics and researchers within the field. 

“Design is an agent for sustainable solutions created for people and supporting the planet on which we rely” 

“Design expresses culture. Designers have a particularly potent role in making, protecting, nourishing, enhancing and celebrating cultural heritage and diversity in the face of globalization.”

Main questions are extracted from the Design Declaration

  • Are we meeting the challenge to produce sustainable solutions? 
  • What is a ’sustainable solution’ in our context? 
  • How does culture influence manifest itself in design? 
  • What should the role of culture be in design?

The session recording will be included in the World Interaction Design Day 2020 programme, and open to participants of the South African Innovation Summit 2020

Facilitated by: Vikki Eriksson (CPUT)