PechaKucha Night Brussels Vol. 61 speakers (by alphabetical order) were: 
_ Andreea Belu, European Digital Rights, EDRi – Big Data Hallucinogens
_ Edoardo Celeste, University College Dublin – A new constitutional moment
_ Laura Drechsler, Brussels Privacy Hub, VUB LSTS – Don’t mix and match! The right to the protection of personal data is not the right to privacy.
_ Eike Gräf, PhD Candidate VUB LSTS – Donating health data after death – a good idea?
_ Majid Iqbal, expert on policy, strategy and design – Disabusing the notion of services
_ Reza Zain Jauferally – Investment Impact
_ René Mahieu – VUB LSTS
_ Walter Palmetshofer, Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland – “OpenSchufa” crowdsourcing German credit scoring data
_ Clemens Rosenmayr, Valerio Burlizzi – Circular Economy

PechaKucha Night Brussels Vol. 61 in association with CPDP Conferences.