Speakers for the #PKN58 edition on Sept. 20th in Recyclart were, in alphabetical order:
_ Jean-François De Hertogh – The retrenchment of nations vs the emergence of city-states
_ Pauline de La Boulaye – Being Urban
_ Eugenia Forcat – Innovation: it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey
_ Alain Heureux – Brussels Creative is fostering cross-over innovation
_ DJ Jooles – the Sciences of DJing
_ Alexandra Pisco – Reflecting your heritage in design
_ Shamma Raghib – Future of commerce
_ Rozina Spinnoy – Designing for inclusion/mental health
_ Joris Van Droogenbroeck – Vibes for a new economy
_ Xavier Wielemans – Augmented dreams of “mixity” in Brussels
Partners for this edition are RecyclartDesign September.